Virtual Office: An Office Address without the High Rents.

A Virtual Office allows you to use our Business Centre Address as your Business Address. You can use it on your website, business cards, adverts and marketing material and have mail delivered to that address. We will forward your mail once a week or scan your mail to you when it arrives.

Our Virtual Office Service allows you to open an office without actually opening it. It allows you to work from your own home or abroad but have your business run from a local address.

Test the Market in a new City before hiring staff and opening a physical office.

If you are prospecting for work in an area that you don’t currently operate in, a Virtual Office Business address will make it look like you have an office in the area already and creates confidence in your business from potential clients.

Local Phone Numbers

In addition to a business address, we can offer you a local Landline number which can be forwarded to your normal number or office or we can provide a VOIP app for your phone allowing you to make and receive calls from your new “local” landline number.